Apps for Family & Consumer Sciences

We are pleased to share the following article from our friends at American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences  (AAFCS). You can learn about more FACS apps from their latest newsletter

Apps for Family & Consumer Sciences

By Sharon A. Baillie, 2011 AAFCS National Teacher of the Year

I received a grant from Pathways for Financial Success, which included the purchase of an iPad lab. My students and I have been trying out apps to use in my FCS classroom. Each month I will be reviewing apps for FCS. To find the app, do a Google search and type the words “app store” after the app name. You will get a link to the android, iTunes, or Google store if the app is available for your device. If you have suggestions for future apps to include, please send me an email.

Quizlet allows students to study vocabulary words on their mobile device as flash cards or by choosing to play one of three games. Word lists must be created on a computer or selected from the many lists already available.

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Celebrating Older Americans Month with great health tips

May is older Americans month. It’s a great time to focus on the older folks around us, to thank them for their support and their wisdom. And what better way to show them that we care than by introducing them to health care ideas especially developed for older people to help them continue to get older, while maybe feeling a little younger. (Also a goof reminder to all of us to think about our health – after all we want to be getting older while feeling younger too.)

Learning ZoneXpress has a range of products especially designed to promote healthy choices for seniors…

Handouts such as…

keeping hydrated for older adults

Brochures such as…

brain health tri-fold brochures

Posters such as…

diabetes myplate handouts

And games…

chair activity bingo

  • Chair Activity Bingo
  • Encourage physical activity without having to g…
  • Item # 511013
  • Price: $39.95

These are great for hospitals, healthcare centers, nursing home and other facilities even public health centers.


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Movie Monday: 50 App Activities for Math

50 App Activities for Math - a collection of 50 lesson plans, teacher resources and games based on free and low-cost apps. Math topics covered include

• Numbers and Operations
• Geometry
• Probability and Statistics
• And Applied Math
Great for grades 6-8.

Each activity description includes info on where to get the app and how to use it in the classroom, including some interactive ideas to for classrooms with 1-to-1 devices or with students sharing devices.

50 App Activities for Math includes popular apps and hidden treasures such as select Khan Academy videos and games such as Alge-Bingo.

You can check out the table of content at Search for 50 App Activities for Math. Or simply search for 50 App Activities for the whole collection.

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Professional Development at the University of Minnesota for teachers teaching personal finance topics

OK – this is targeting our friends in Minnesota. But we love the idea and wanted to share!

The Minnesota Council on Economic Education, based at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, is offering a number of professional development opportunities in economics and personal finance for K-12 teachers this summer. Each course covers all the social studies benchmarks in economics and teachers leave with countless resources. Learn more and sign up at<>.

Personal Finance Camp<> (All grades, June 23-25, UMN Duluth, $50) Looking for new personal finance materials for your classroom? Join us for this three-day workshop that provides instruction on 20 interactive lessons that introduce personal finance to secondary students. The lessons provide engaging scenarios that will have students analyzing their options as they think about budgeting, saving, and investing. Free dorm housing is provided at UMN Duluth.

Entrepreneurship Economics<> (9-12 educators, July 14-18, UMN Twin Cities, $80) is a week-long course that provides teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to teach entrepreneurship in their classrooms. Our goal is that participants will have enough material at their fingertips by the end of the week to feel comfortable integrating entrepreneurship into a current course or creating a standalone course at their school.  All participants receive a weekly stipend of $250 for full participation in the course.

Preparing to Teach High School Economics<> – Registration Deadline: June 16 (9-12 educators, July 21-25, UMN Twin Cities, $80) This is a week-long course that provides a solid introduction to the high school Minnesota standards in economics, and is a must for any teacher new to teaching economics. The flow of the course alternates between understanding economic concepts and learning HOW to teach those concepts to your students.

All participants in Preparing to Teach High School Economics receive two free UMN graduate credits upon completion of the course in July 2015. All participants receive a weekly stipend of $150 for full participation in the course.

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One Week Only – 50 Posters – $5 Each


May 6 – 13 while supplies last. Check out a sample below or visit the Learning ZoneXpress site for more.


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Movie Monday: 54321 Countdown to Health

54321 Countdown to Health

Learning ZoneXpress has created a series of products that promote healthy choices through numbers with 54321+10 for kids. Here’s the “equation”…

5 — servings of fruits or vegetables
4 — glasses of water
3 – good laughs
2 — hours or less of screen time (TV/computer)
1 — hour of physical activity
10 — hours of sleep

We think it’s an easy way to keep health in mind and track healthy progress. The numbers are guidelines or descriptions– not strict prescriptions — but especially for kids, it’s nice to have some tangible benchmarks to help get to your health goal.

Again, we have a series of education materials based on 54321+10 — the Live 54321 + 10 Activity Books Classroom Count Down set have been especially popular. The set includes 36 copies of each of the activity books in the series, including:
• Live 54321+10® Fruit and Veggies Activity Books
• 54321+10® Water Activity Books
• Live 54321+10® Good Laughs Activity Books
• Live 54321+10® Screen Time Activity Books
• Live 54321+10® Physical Activity Activity Books
• Live 54321+10® Sleep Activity Books

Find them on the Learning ZoneXpress website.

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Free Downloadable Certificate of Appreciation

certsLearning ZoneXpress has designed four complimentary certificates of appreciation for you to print and use as you’d like. These are perfect for Teacher Appreciation and School Nutrition Employee Week coming up May 5-9th. 


Click here to view them all.

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Movie Monday: It’s Your Money Banner Posters

It’s Your Money Banner Posters

we at Learning ZoneXpress think it’s so important to teach students the basics. And it’s why we’ve developed “It’s Your Money Banner and Poster” series.

The posters are designed to speak to high school students from Freshman to Seniors. The set includes 8 laminated posters that address topics such as…

1. Investing money,
2. Balancing a checkbook,
3. Managing debt,
4. Understanding a paycheck
5. Budgeting
6. Personal debt
7. Balancing time and money

The intent of the posters is to get students to ask the right question when it comes to personal finance. To spur an interest in money management — starting with the part time jobs they have or the post-high school plans they are considering.

We recently had a customer tell us why she likes using the posters in her classroom…

I am currently teaching the financial unit in my Teen Living class and have just put up the “It’s Your Money” banner posters — they are great! I also really like the size of them. They are easier to use than some of the larger posters in my classroom which has limited space for posters. These fit great on the doors of my storage cupboards. Thanks again for the great resources you have for FACS teachers!

You can find the posters on the Learning ZoneXpress website.

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Inspiration quotes by women

Looking for a little inspiration for your Sunday? There’s a great website that features 40,000 quotations by women. The quotations are searchable by topic, author and keyword. Visiting the site is a great way to start off your day or the perfect quote can be finish off a presentation on a high note. Here are a few examples…

“Dr. Johnson said that telling one’s troubles was asking for pity or praise. … But it is more than that. You ask to be met at the point of your reality.”

Florida Scott-Maxwell, The Measure of My Days (1968)

“I am always jumping into the sausage grinder and deciding, even before I’m half ground, that I don’t want to be a sausage after all.”

Jessamyn West, Double Discovery (1980)

“Before marriage, a man declares that he would lay down his life for you; after marriage, he won’t even lay down his newspaper to talk to you.”

Helen Rowland, A Guide to Men (1922)

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Pieces of Eight: great family book

pieces of 8
We wanted to share news about a friend’s book. It’s charming and has been a labor of love. Pieces of Eight is about eight brothers and sisters who grew up sharing everything from their fear of wild dogs to the neighbors’ watermelon patch contrast mostly humorous, sometimes touching, stories from their childhood with their good-natured e-mail exchanges of today.


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