Learning ZoneXpress Celebrates 18 Years in Business!

In June Learning ZoneXpress turned 18 years old and we are extremely grateful for all of our customers and relationships built over the years.

Learning ZoneXpress was established in 1997 in Owatonna, MN to satisfy consumer demand for consistent quality in affordable nutrition and life skills education resources. Our success of being in business for 18 years is a combination of factors, but it is foundational to the creativity and tenacity of its founder Melanie Nelson and her unyielding commitment to the improvement of educational resources.

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Melanie’s passion and energetic personality are reflected in the company’s products, along with her dedication to educating and meeting the needs of raising a healthier generation.

After 18 years we still strive to produce engaging, affordable, premium-quality health, nutrition and life skills education products while making every effort to meet the demands of the ever-changing customer needs with unprecedented products, effective support materials, and excellence in customer service.

We would like to thank our customers and everyone else that has been with us at various stages throughout the years…Because of all of you we celebrate 18 years in business!

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Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs Supported

NoChildHoodObesityFrom our friends at GrantStation

Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs Supported
Children’s Obesity Fund
The Children’s Obesity Fund seeks to educate parents, teachers, and other caregivers about the rising obesity rates in America, reverse the statistics and dangerous trends, and help prevent the next generation from continuing down this alarmingly unhealthy road. Support is provided to nonprofit organizations throughout the United States that share the Fund’s goal of eliminating the epidemic of childhood obesity. The focus is on increasing awareness and understanding of how to raise healthy and happy children and make sure that ensuing generations are strong and live vital, active lives. Grant requests are reviewed throughout the year. Visit the Fund’s website to submit an online application form.

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Economic Literacy Initiatives Funded

50 App Activities for Financial Literacy and Independent LivingFrom our friends at GrantStation…

Economic Literacy Initiatives Funded
Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation
The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation is dedicated to the goal of increasing economic literacy throughout the United States. The Foundation provides grants to programs with national impact that address the following issues: raising the public’s participation in economic education and creating a demand for greater economic literacy; encouraging measurement of economic understanding; developing the application of new strategies for teaching economics, including online and web-based instruction; and helping disenfranchised youth or young adults with children learn to participate in the economic system. Requests from nonprofit organizations and educational institutions are reviewed two times per year; the upcoming application deadline is September 15, 2015. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the application guidelines.

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Brand New Nutrition Education Cards Have Arrived!

We are excited to let you know that we have added many more titles to our brand new product line of nutrition Education Cards! This exciting new way to educate your clients now offers 12 different titles to choose from. Educational topics include: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby feeding, child nutrition, family nutrition and general nutrition.

Why Use Education Cards to Educate Your Clients?:
• They are simple, easy-to-read, and economical.
• They were specifically designed for WIC, SNAP-Ed, and EFNEP clients.
• These cards offer useful, practical nutrition tips for parents and caregivers.
• They provide an individualized learning opportunity that is easy to understand.

The fact that these cards are easy-to-read, portable, economical, and a clever alternative to tri-fold brochures or handouts make them a successful educational resource.

Our Education Cards are cleverly designed on 4”x9”, 2-sided cardstock and feature a blank space on the backside to personalize it with your clinic or organization’s information. They come in an economical set of 100 and fit easily into a brochure display, WIC folder, or #10 standard business envelopes for easy mailing.

The parents and caregivers that you are educating will appreciate these engaging Education Cards with a message that is easy to understand!  Learning ZoneXpress’ nutrition education resources are used successfully in WIC and Public Health Programs, Cooperative Extension Programs, Early Childhood Programs, and Community Action Agencies.

Visit Learning ZoneXpress to see all of our new Education Cards! Please check back often, more titles will be coming soon!

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Youth Service Day Planning Funds Available

From our friends at GrantStation…

Youth Service Day Planning Funds Available
Youth Service America: Global Youth Service Day Lead Agency Program
Youth Service America (YSA) is a resource center that partners with organizations committed to increasing the quality and quantity of volunteer opportunities for young people to serve locally, nationally, and globally. YSA’s Global Youth Service Day Lead Agency Program offers organizations support to lead high-impact, high-visibility youth service activities and celebration events during Global Youth Service Day, April 15-17, 2016. Lead Agencies will receive a planning grant of $1,000 to $3,000 funded by State Farm, capacity-building training, and other resources. Typically, Lead Agencies are local, regional, or statewide nonprofit organizations with a focus on youth development and positive community engagement. Nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S are eligible to apply. The application deadline is July 31, 2015. Visit the YSA website to learn more about the program.

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