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New Healthy Behavior Goals Handouts…Just In Time for National Nutrition Month®!

March is right around the corner which means National Nutrition Month® is almost here! Don’t miss your opportunity to join thousands of nutrition professionals in promoting Nutrition Month. There is still time to plan your celebration and Learning ZoneXpress is here to support all the wonderful work you do educating your clients and students to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

We offer a diverse selection of nutritionally informative handouts, posters, prize incentives and more specifically designed for schools, WIC clinics, Extension Programs, and Public Health initiatives. Kick off your Nutrition Month celebration with our new “Set SMART Healthy Behavior Goals Handouts”.



These handouts are a great way to encourage your clients and students to improve their health and wellness. The front of this colorful tear-off tablet worksheet helps participants identify, plan and commit to nutrition, fitness and other wellness goals. The backside features a week long chart to record daily food choices and amounts of physical activity.Mary Beth Anderson, Director of Educational Resources at Learning ZoneXpress has this to say….”I feel that these new handouts will be a good resource for nutrition educators helping their WIC clients to set behavior change goals. They will also work as a great asset in any classroom setting.”  Visit Learning ZoneXpress for additional March is Nutrition Month Resources!

Happy National Nutrition Month® from everyone at Learning ZoneXpress!

Last Chance To Order in Time For Nutrition Month!

Do you have everything you need to celebrate National Nutrition Month?  Learning ZoneXpress has got you covered with our fantastic variety of nutrition resources!

Place your order by  Friday, February 20th to guarantee delivery by March 2nd.*  (*Applies to in-stock items only.)

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Visit Learning ZoneXpress for additional March is Nutrition Month Resources!

Promote the Importance of Drinking Water vs. Sugary Drinks!

Quench your thirst and hydrate your body with the “clear” beverage choice…water! Our new “Drink Water Handouts” will help promote and explain the importance of drinking water instead of sugary drinks. These educational handouts offer easy and practical tips for getting in the habit of healthy hydration with water. Water is a great way to satisfy thirst because it is calorie-free, inexpensive, and can be found nearly everywhere.


Water benefits your body by:
• Moistening tissues
• Regulates body temperature
• Lubricates joints
• Helps flush out waste
• Carries nutrients to cells
• Protects organs

Remember to hydrate your body with water vs. sugary drinks…it’s clearly the right choice! Visit Learning ZoneXpress for additional nutrition education resources on beverages and snacking.

March is Nutrition Month and a Great Time to Teach Children the Benefits of Healthy Snacking!

Snack Strategies Handouts

Snack Strategies Handouts

Snack time is a great time for kids to eat foods that benefit their growing bodies. Snacks add nutrients between meals and helps kids concentrate by keeping their energy levels high. Our new “Snack Strategies Handouts” will help children choose snacks that give their bodies the nutrients and energy that they need. The front side of the handout features photos of tasty and good-for-you snack choices organized by food group. The backside includes snack suggestions by food group and explains to parents and caregivers why snacks are important for young, growing bodies.

Here are some ideas for choosing healthy snacks:
• Choose from a rainbow of colorful vegetables
• Choose whole grains for long-lasting energy
• Choose protein foods that are low-fat
• Choose low-fat or fat-free (skim) dairy foods
• Remember to keep portions small-Snacks shouldn’t replace a meal

Making the right snack choices is a necessary part of choosing a healthy lifestyle! Visit Learning ZoneXpress for additional March is Nutrition Month resources.

Top Resources for Nutrition Month

There’s still plenty of time to get your order placed for Nutrition Month! Join thousands of nutrition professionals in promoting Nutrition Month with Learning ZoneXpress’ valuable resources.   Here are the top three customer favorites this week!

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