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Monday Movie Review: Energy Balanace

Watch this quick preview of Energy Balance to help you get motivated to get active!

Learn more about Energy Balance DVD

Being physically active and eating from all the food groups is key to balancing your energy. Registered Dietitian Melissa Halas-Liang discusses the nutrition basics of the energy equation, while personal trainer Dwayne Arthur Jones explains the importance of balancing the equation by using that energy. Discover:

• The best food choices using MyPlate as a guide
• Short-term and long-term benefits of physical activity
• Tips to be active each day
• How to overcome common excuses
• How to continue being active into adulthood

Includes brief interviews with teens about how they stay healthy through physical activity

Shout out for FACS!

finance50Did you happen to catch the Today Show earlier this week? The hosts, Mr. Geist and Ms. Morales, spoke about teaching finance in the schools as if it’s not currently available. We’re here to say that  Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) have been offering personal and home finance classes for decades! It’s part of the life skills curriculum that FACS practitioners and supporters find vital to an education today. At Learning ZoneXpress, we have a range of resources targeted at teaching financial literacy skills. One of our top sellers is the 50 App Activities for Financial Literacy and Independent Living collection.

The American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences is reaching out to the Today Show and the hosts to educate them on Family and Consumer Science curriculum…

The members of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), a not-for-profit organization that represents and supports family and consumer sciences professionals and students, are passionate about preparing students to live effectively as individuals, families, members of the workforce, and public citizens making a positive impact on their communities.

More than 35,000 family and consumer sciences secondary educators teach more than 5 million students nationwide. In their courses, family and consumer sciences educators provide research-based knowledge and essential skills in the areas of personal and family finance, nutrition and wellness, human development, housing and interior design, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues.

AAFCS sent a letter to the TV show and posted it on their website to share with FACS supporters with the hope that they will in turn use it to develop more FACS supporters. We invite you to do the same by sending a note to or about the Today show. If you use the #fcsontoday @todayshow tags (in Twitter and Facebook) it will help others find and recognize your support!

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Monday Movie Review: Communication Basics – Body Language

Communication is more than what you say, it’s how you say it. The Communication Basics – Body Language video will help students recognize how to make their most of their non-verbal communication:

Join hosts Anne and Ben as they learn about the basics of communication! In this clip, professional actors demonstrate the importance of body language and non-verbal communication. Anne and Ben discover how to communicate clearly through learning communication basics, active listening, non-verbal communication, and how we communicate online in “Character: Communication Basics.”

Movie Monday: Goal Setting: Discovering Your GIfts

There are few jobs more rewarding that helping teens discover their gifts. The following video can help…

It walks through the steps and strategies of goal setting and helps youth discover how these steps can help them accomplish your goal! In this clip from “Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts” (DVD available from Learning ZoneXpress), see how a variety of high school students are pursuing their goals and dreams.


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Senior Games Recap

Last week, two Learning ZoneXpress employees competed in the Minnesota Senior Games. Founder and CEO, Melanie Nelson and Marketing Analyst, Becky Vick both competed in the 50- and 100-meter dashes. The event had a great turnout, and all of the athletes brought their “A” game. Watching Melanie, Becky, and all of the other participants (ranging from 50-93 years old) was an absolute blast. Positive energy and enthusiasm were themes throughout the day.

MN Senior GamesMelanieFans

After the event, Melanie says “I found the athlete in myself – wanting to to do my best, wanting to be a part of an athletic team, and enjoying older, fit people who just loved an opportunity to play!” Becky also had a great time competing. “This was my first time participating in the Senior Games,” she says. “I have not competed in a track event for over 40 years, but what a great experience! Meeting, watching and talking with other athletes was the best part of the games. What a great job Owatonna did with all the volunteers and the organization of this event. I am looking forward to participating in 2014!”

Harold Senior Games

Photo Credit: Al Strain/People’s Press

All of the athletes did such a great job, but there was one that stood out from his peers. His name is Harold Bach, and at 93 years of age, he was the eldest participant in the Senior Games. Pictured above, Harold competed in four events. Watching him was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. How incredible to be competing in such an event at 93 years old? Talk about an inspiration. The Owatonna People’s Press wrote a great piece about this star athlete.

Mr. Bach, who in addition to being a Senior Games gold medal winner in several running events is also a cancer survivor and World War II veteran, credits his longevity to his very active lifestyle. This year, Mr. Bach competed in the 50-, 100-, 200- and 400-meter dashes, earning gold medals in each, something we feel speaks volumes about the benefits of pursuing regular exercise. Exercise, combined with a healthy diet, will do much in reducing the rates of adults and children who are overweight or obese. That, in turn, will aid in making us all healthier, which is a good thing. We applaud Mr. Bach for setting an example that we should all strive to follow.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Harold and all of the athletes at this year’s games.  Next year’s event will be held in Bloomington and after this experience, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Movie Monday: Smart Nutrition DVD

Smart Nutrition DVD is a great video for teenagers looking to take responsibility for their own nutrition! In a world of countless food choices and nutrition messages, it can be challenging for teens to know what they should and shouldn’t eat. Host Wes Halula explains why calcium, iron, and vitamin D are important nutrients for teens. Check out our sneak preview:

Celebrate Summer!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to eat right and get active. Farmer’s markets, gardens and great weather all serve as positive motivators. Learning ZoneXpress has resources for you to help encourage fresh produce and active time outdoors. Below are some customer favorites.


Fruit Garden Heroes 
Set of 12

Garden Heroes 
Activities Book


Veggie Garden Heroes
Set of 12


After School Programs Can Develop Healthy Habits

As an education or health care professional it’s always nice to find research that indicates that we can make a difference. We just ran across an article that does that. As most of us know, past research has indicated that children from low-income neighborhoods are at higher risk of being obese and overweight than children from affluent neighborhoods. Health Canal reports on one study where the impact of poverty has been reduced through after school programming…

Findings from this study indicate that after-school programs have the potential to provide opportunities for enhanced physical activity and the development of healthy habits in children from socioeconomically disadvantaged families who may have limited access to nutritious foods and environments conducive to physical activity outside of school.

In addition, as approximately 60 percent of the students in the study were Asian-American, the study helps address the dearth of published research on childhood obesity among Asian-Americans. This is an important public health concern, given that Asian-Americans are the fastest growing racial group in the U.S., and the literature suggests that current definitions of obesity underestimate the disease risk among this subgroup, the study authors said.

It’s great to see the impact a program can have on helping build healthy habits.