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Free Webinar on Wed: Managing Conflict – Addressing the Four Communication Danger Signs

relationshipsLooks like a good session as we head back to the classrooms…

Managing Conflict: Addressing the Four Communication Danger Signs

Research has shown that how people communicate and handle their conflicts over time will matter greatly to the health and happiness of their relationships. Communication skills transfer to all types of relationships – work, school, peers, family and parent-child.  This webinar will identify negative patterns acquired in every day life experiences – the Four Communication Danger Signs. An effective relationship skills program includes the identifying and resolving of these four danger signs.

Guest presenter: Aaron Larson, Outreach Educator for The Dibble Institute

When: Wednesday August 14, 2013 at 4:00 PM Eastern time (1:00 PM Pacific)

Duration: 60 minutes

Who: Teachers, Workforce Development, those working in Independent Living, Domestic Violence and Foster Care, Head Start Staff and Instructors, Social Workers, and anyone who cares about youth

Cost: Free!

Questions about Webinars?

Our New Free Nutrition Catalog Offers Resources for Nutrition & Healthy Living

Learning ZoneXpress Nutrition Catalog

It’s here! Our latest Nutrition Catalog, featuring more than 1,000 colorful, affordable and engaging learning tools, is available now in both digital and traditional print formats.

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Chock-full of great nutrition education product choices, the new catalog includes posters, handouts, videos and DVDs, incentives, lesson plans, interactive games and much more.  New and relevant nutrition resource topics for 2013-14, include MyPlate, food allergies as well as breakfast and nutrition for older adults.

Aimed at both professionals and consumers, the 84-page Nutrition Catalog is considered a go-to resource for materials that encourage life-long, healthful behaviors in creative and memorable ways. Product choices are available for all ages, including pre-k, grade school, middle school, high school, higher education and even seniors.

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New Product Announcement: Shake the Salt Habit Handouts

We’re delighted to unveil a new handout that teaches kids about the issues with salt – Shake the Salt Habit Handouts

Shake the Salt Habit Handouts

Discover ways to reduce sodium intake without sacrificing flavor with the Shake the Salt Habit Handouts. This easy to read handout includes information about where sodium comes from, common high sodium foods, how to decipher sodium labeling terms on food packaging, and tips to reduce your salt intake. The simple design of the handout features easy to read type that makes it perfect for older adults and low-literacy populations.

8 1/2″ x 11″, 50 sheets, 2-sided

Price: $9.95

Terrific Tuesday Summer Sale 20 percent off!

Today is our tenth and FINAL TERRIFIC TUESDAY SUMMER SALE!  We hope you had a great summer and enjoyed our weekly specials. Below is a coupon code for you to receive an ADDITIONAL 20% off ALL sale items. Offer valid today only.


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New Product Announcement: 50 App Activities for Math

We’re delighted to unveil a new product that promotes technology for boosting math skills in junior high school – 50 App Activities for Math!

50 App Activities for Math

Utilize the latest in mobile technology with smartphones and tablet computers in the middle school math classroom with 50 Apps Activities for Math. A combination of fifty lesson plans, teacher resources, and games based on free and low-cost apps are compiled into this essential resource for incorporating technology into math learning, including:

  • Numbers and Operations
  • Geometry
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Applied Math

Activities utilize both free and paid apps for Apple and Android devices. Each activity indicates device compatibility and correlation to national math standards.

Appropriate for grade 6-8

Price: $34.95

Grant Opportunity for Higher Ed

For some of our higher education folks…

Higher Education Student Development Programs Funded
Association of American Colleges and Universities: Bringing Theory to Practice Project
The Bringing Theory to Practice Project (BTtoP), an initiative of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, encourages colleges and universities to reassert their core purposes as educational institutions, not only to advance learning and discovery, but to advance the potential and well-being of each individual student, and to advance education as a public good that sustains a civic society. BTtoP supports campus-based initiatives that demonstrate how uses of engaged forms of learning that actively involve students both within and beyond the classroom directly contribute to their cognitive, emotional, and civic development. Program Development Grants and Seminar Grants are provided. Institutions awarding baccalaureate degrees, community colleges, and equivalent non-U.S. institutions are all eligible to apply. The remaining application deadlines for the current Request for Proposals (RFP) are September 15 and December 15, 2013, and March 15, 2014. Visit the Association’s website to download the RFP.

$10 Terrific Tuesday Bulletin Board Kit Sale

It is week nine of our TERRIFIC TUESDAY SUMMER SALE, and we thought you might like a break from posters.  Today only, the following Bulletin Board Kits are marked down to just $10.**

Savvy Grocery Shopping Bulletin Board Kit

Savvy Grocery Shopping Tips Bulletin Board Kit

Get the most for your money while keeping good nutrition in mind with the Savvy Grocery Shopping Tips Bulletin Board Kit. This complete bulletin board kit includes a variety of tips to encourage smart shopping choices, including nutrient-rich and budget-friendly food choices, coupon tips, why it pays to use reusable bags, generic and brand names, supermarket schemes, and more. Bulletin board not included.
Two 5 1/2” x 17” title header pieces with information cards and a variety of photos, laminated for durability.
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A variety of fun, outdoor activity “app” icons created using real nutritious foods encourages you to “get out and get active!” Bulletin board not included.
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China Food Markets Bulletin Board Kit

China Food Markets Bulletin Board Kit
Tour China’s food markets and culture with the China Bulletin Board Kit. The kit features a variety of beautiful photos of Chinese market scenes and ingredients, including 100 year old eggs, durian fruit, zongzi, and more.
Includes 5 1/2” x 17” China title piece, 7 – 8” x 8” photos and 6 – 4 1/2” x 11” photos with matching descriptions.
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Transform your bulletin board to offer a glimpse of the foods and food markets of France.
The France Bulletin Board kit features a variety of stunning photos of French food, such as croissants, crêpes, and bouillabaisse, ingredients and market scenes.
Includes 5 1/2” x 17” France title piece, 7 – 8” x 8” photos and 6 – 4 1/2” x 11” photos with matching descriptions.
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Italy Food Market Bulletin Board Kits

Italy Food Markets Bulletin Board Kit

Explore Italy and its food culture and market life with the Italy Bulletin Board Kit. The kit features a variety of beautiful photos of Italian food and ingredients, such as zucchini blossoms, roasted chestnuts, blood oranges, and more.
Includes 5.5” x 17” Italy title piece, seven 8” x 8” photos and six 4.5” x 11” photos with matching descriptions. Sized for a 3’ x 4’ bulletin board.
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Journey to a Mexican food market with the Mexico Bulletin Board kit.
The Mexico Bulletin Board kit features a variety of stunning photos of Mexican food, ingredients such as corn husks for tamales, tortilla preparation, and tomatillos, and market scenes.
Includes 5 1/2” x 17” Mexico title piece, 7 – 8” x 8” photos and 6 – 4 1/2” x 11” photos with matching descriptions.
Sized for a 3’ x 4’ bulletin board.
Can be easily adapted to fit any sized board. Bulletin board not included.
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Monday Movie Review: Nutrition Controversies – Organic Food

Check it out as Rickey and Genevieve interrogate Carrot to shed light on the issue of eating organic foods in “Nutrition Controversies” DVD from Learning ZoneXpress.

New Product Announcement: LANA Fruit & Veggie Stickers

We’re delighted to unveil a new product that promotes healthy habits with younger kids – from Pre-K to early elementary grades – the LANA Fruit & Veggie Stickers!

 LANA Fruit & Veggie Stickers

Reward a job well done or celebrate a love of fruits and vegetables with LANA Fruit & Veggie Stickers. These colorful nutrition stickers feature Lana the Iguana, the mascot of the Learning About Nutrition through Activities (LANA) Program, a research-based program which encourages children to taste, eat, and enjoy more fruits and vegetables. Use these stickers as an incentive or prize.

2″ diameter, 4 designs, 200 stickers per roll.

Price: $6.95

New Rules for School Snacks

snack smartThe USDA recently released their Smart Snacks in School rule. They defined nutrition standards to be applied to all snacks and beverages sold on school campuses during the school day. We applaud the effort to keep healthy options for kids and adults. It will help support healthy decision making all day long, hopefully setting  lifelong habits – but we also understand the challenge for cash strapped schools that have used school store sales (including snacks and sometimes beverages) to supplement budgets.

Here are some of the highlights brought about by the new nutrition rules:

  • More of the foods we should encourage. Like the new school meals, the standards require healthier foods, more whole grains, low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and leaner protein.
  • Less of the foods we should avoid. Food items are lower in fat, sugar, and sodium and provide more of the nutrients kids need.
  • Targeted standards. Allowing variation by age group for factors such as portion size and caffeine content.
  • Flexibility  for important traditions.  Preserving the ability for parents to send their kids to school with homemade lunches or treats for activities such as birthday parties, holidays, and other celebrations; and allowing schools to continue traditions like fundraisers and bake sales.
  • Ample time for implementation. Schools and food and beverage companies will have an entire school year to make the necessary changes, and USDA will offer training and technical assistance every step of the way.
  • Reasonable limitations on when and where the standards apply. Ensuring that standards only affect foods that are sold on school campus during the school day. Foods sold at afterschool sporting events or other activities will not be subject to these requirements.
  • Flexibility  for state and local communities.  Allowing significant local and regional autonomy by only establishing minimum requirements for schools. States and schools that have stronger standards than what is being proposed will be able to maintain their own policies.

So what does this mean? The good news is that we have a year to implement. The rules are an extension of the school lunch standards so looking at what you’ve done in the cafeteria is a good place to start. Getting the faculty, staff, students and parents on board makes sense too. Helping them to understand the benefits of the change and informing them of changes as or even before they are made is helpful too.