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Virtual Focus Group – Looking for Educators or Parents of ages 3-6 and 7-11

mighty-myplate-activity-books-for-ages-3-6Learning ZoneXpress wants you – especially if you work and play with grade school kids. We want to talk to you about how you use activity books in the classroom or home. We are especially interested in how you might use our Mighty MyPlate Nutrition Activities for Kids books. We have MyPlate Activity Books for age 3-6 and 7-11.

Does that sound like you? If so, please let us know.

We would like to send you copies of our Mighty MyPlate Activity Books (ages 3-6 or ages 7-10) and we’d like to hear what you think. Specifically let us know where and how you’d use an activity book like this by posting a comment and/or picture of you using the book on our Facebook Page (or on your own timeline and tag us!) or if you have a blog or other media, please write a review and post there. We are looking for folks to post comments before October 1, 2013.

We will send a $20 Learning ZoneXpress gift certificate to anyone who is selected and successfully participates. Please contact for more information.

New Product Announcement: MyPlate for Vegetarians Poster

Learning ZoneXpress is pleased to unveil one of our newest education nutrition products – MyPlate for Vegetarians Poster. It’s a great way to promote the USDA MyPlate recommendations and support the vegetarian lifestyle…

MyPlate for Vegetarians Poster

Take a closer look at the MyPlate food icon through the lens of a plant-based vegetarian diet with the MyPlate for Vegetarians Poster. This poster features photographs of healthy, nutrient-rich vegetarian food options from each food group along with tips to help vegetarians make the healthiest choices. The poster also includes brief explanations of the four most common types of vegetarians: flexitarian or semi-vegetarian, pescatarian, vegetarian (lacto-, ovo-, and lacto-ovo), and vegan.

18″ x 24″ Laminated

© 2013 Learning ZoneXpress

Item # 410228

UPC: 846742004537

Price: $14.95 

New Product Announcement: 1 Balanced Lunch Bag Handout

Learning ZoneXpress is pleased to unveil one of our newest educational products – 1 Balanced Lunch Bag Handout. It’s a great tool to help students, families and anyone who takes a lunch bag to remember the MyPlate equation…

1 Balanced Lunch Bag Handout

Build a better bag lunch with suggestions and tips from the 1 Balanced Lunch Bag Handout! An easy to remember equation teaches consumers to fill half their lunch bag with fruits and vegetables, 1/4 of the bag whole grains, 1/4 of the bag lean protein, and include a serving of low-fat dairy. An easy to read chart on the front side of the handout gives suggestions of healthy and easy foods to pack from each food group. The handout backside gives reasons why you should pack your lunch, easy lunch ideas, how to make packing your lunch convenient, selecting healthy beverages, and proper storage of your lunch.

8 1/2″ x 11″, 50 sheets, 2-sided

© 2013 Learning ZoneXpress

Item # 470203

UPC: 846742004513

Price: $9.95 

Monday Movie Review: Breakfast Because

Get your students off to a good start on their first day and every day with a good breakfast. And get them in the mood and in the know with a video that explains why breakfast is so important…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What makes it so important? In this clip, practical breakfast basics are presented including how to choose a healthy breakfast cereal and ideas for grab and go breakfasts. From “Breakfast Because” from Learning ZoneXpress.

New Product Announcement: Food Safety Basics Handouts

We’re delighted to unveil a new handout that teaches kids how to be safe with food preparation – Food Safety Basics Handouts!

Food Safety Basics Handouts

Discover need-to-know information about how to keep food safe and prevent foodborne illness with the Food Safety Basics Handouts. The handout features basic information about the four principles of food safety: Clean, Chill, Cook, and Separate, along with information to keep foods safe when grocery shopping and specific information for keeping eggs safe. The simple design of the handout features easy to read type makes it perfect for older adults and low-literacy populations.

8 1/2″ x 11″, 50 sheets, 2-sided

Price: $9.95

New Product Announcement: Live 54321+10 for Kids Handouts

We’re delighted to unveil a new handout that promotes a checklist of activities for healthy living - Live 54321+10 for Kids Handouts!

 Live 54321+10 for Kids Handouts

Countdown to good health with six daily tasks that can help promote a healthy lifestyle. The Live 54321+10® for Kids Handouts identify and explain the significance of the numbers in the countdown for school-age children, including:
• 5 servings of fruits and vegetables
• 4 glasses of water
• 3 good laughs
• 2 hours or less screen time
• 1 hour of physical activity
• +10 (or more) hours of sleep

The backside of the handouts explains to parents and guardians why each number in the countdown is important and offers suggestions on how to incorporate them into your child’s daily routine.

8 1/2″ x 11″, 50 sheets, 2-sided.

Price: $9.95

LZX Partner Blue Zones on CBS This Morning

live longer betterCBS This Morning: Saturday interviewed Dan Buettner on the secrets and research behind Blue Zones – geographic areas where people live the longest. Dan discusses the importance of the Power 9 and how these ideals are being implemented into our Blue Zone project areas.

Learning ZoneXpress has been in partnership with the Blue Zone project

Learning ZoneXpress (LZX), a leading source of award-winning nutrition education tools, is excited to announce its partnership with Blue Zones, an organization founded by researcher, explorer, New York Times bestselling author and National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner, that aims to help people live longer, happier and healthier lives. Learning ZoneXpress will be a licensing partner with Blue Zones and will develop educational content under the Blue Zones brand.

The first product under the partnership is a Blue Zones Centenarian Poster Set highlighting the four levels of the Blue Zones Power 9® pyramid. Power 9 explores the common denominators among regions with the highest proportion of people to reach 100 years old (known as Blue Zones). The Power 9 posters and other materials will be used in senior centers, assisted living facilities, public health agencies and eventually schools, with the messages adapted to be geared toward children.

The four levels of the Power 9 pyramid include:

1.    Move Naturally – Walk, garden, or take the stairs.
2.    Right Outlook – Know your purpose and develop stress reducing habits.
3.    Eat Wisely – Eat a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet and try using a smaller plate.
4.    Connect –Keep family first and belong to positive social circles.

School Discount on Educational Bulletin Board Kits

nutrition labelsGet a jump start on the school year and save $5, now through August 23, when you order any educational bulletin board kit from Learning ZoneXpress (LZX) and use coupon code 130808.

Featuring contemporary graphics and images, each kit contains information cards in varying sizes for use on existing bulletin boards.  We have 18 different eye-catching board themes revolving around nutrition, physical activity and international foods.  All of the kits promote easy-to-incorporate ideas for a healthier lifestyle.

Top-seller LZX bulletin board kits include the USDA My Plate, Breakfast Start Smart, Food Safety and Nutrition Labels.

“Educators tell us that bulletin boards continue to be an effective way to communicate, but they need fresh, relatable content,” said LZX Founder Melanie Nelson. “Our bulletin board kits provide the perfect solution, and the start of a new school year is the ideal time to update with the latest themes.”

The colorful bulletin board kits may be ordered online at LZX Bulletin Boards or toll-free by calling 888-455-7003.

Free Webinar on Wed: Managing Conflict – Addressing the Four Communication Danger Signs

relationshipsLooks like a good session as we head back to the classrooms…

Managing Conflict: Addressing the Four Communication Danger Signs

Research has shown that how people communicate and handle their conflicts over time will matter greatly to the health and happiness of their relationships. Communication skills transfer to all types of relationships – work, school, peers, family and parent-child.  This webinar will identify negative patterns acquired in every day life experiences – the Four Communication Danger Signs. An effective relationship skills program includes the identifying and resolving of these four danger signs.

Guest presenter: Aaron Larson, Outreach Educator for The Dibble Institute

When: Wednesday August 14, 2013 at 4:00 PM Eastern time (1:00 PM Pacific)

Duration: 60 minutes

Who: Teachers, Workforce Development, those working in Independent Living, Domestic Violence and Foster Care, Head Start Staff and Instructors, Social Workers, and anyone who cares about youth

Cost: Free!

Questions about Webinars?

Our New Free Nutrition Catalog Offers Resources for Nutrition & Healthy Living

Learning ZoneXpress Nutrition Catalog

It’s here! Our latest Nutrition Catalog, featuring more than 1,000 colorful, affordable and engaging learning tools, is available now in both digital and traditional print formats.

Click here for a free digital download or request a hard copy of the nutrition catalog here.

Chock-full of great nutrition education product choices, the new catalog includes posters, handouts, videos and DVDs, incentives, lesson plans, interactive games and much more.  New and relevant nutrition resource topics for 2013-14, include MyPlate, food allergies as well as breakfast and nutrition for older adults.

Aimed at both professionals and consumers, the 84-page Nutrition Catalog is considered a go-to resource for materials that encourage life-long, healthful behaviors in creative and memorable ways. Product choices are available for all ages, including pre-k, grade school, middle school, high school, higher education and even seniors.

Don’t wait another minute!  Get your newest Nutrition Catalog now.  And, remember, Learning ZoneXpress offers streamlined, easy ordering as well as great customer service and prompt, accurate order fulfillment.