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After School Programs Can Develop Healthy Habits

As an education or health care professional it’s always nice to find research that indicates that we can make a difference. We just ran across an article that does that. As most of us know, past research has indicated that children from low-income neighborhoods are at higher risk of being obese and overweight than children from affluent neighborhoods. Health Canal reports on one study where the impact of poverty has been reduced through after school programming…

Findings from this study indicate that after-school programs have the potential to provide opportunities for enhanced physical activity and the development of healthy habits in children from socioeconomically disadvantaged families who may have limited access to nutritious foods and environments conducive to physical activity outside of school.

In addition, as approximately 60 percent of the students in the study were Asian-American, the study helps address the dearth of published research on childhood obesity among Asian-Americans. This is an important public health concern, given that Asian-Americans are the fastest growing racial group in the U.S., and the literature suggests that current definitions of obesity underestimate the disease risk among this subgroup, the study authors said.

It’s great to see the impact a program can have on helping build healthy habits.

LZX Birthday Celebration

LZX Marketing Manager, Toni turned 25 yesterday. To celebrate this quarter century, we enjoyed festive fruit pizza! She also received a special delivery from Cedar Floral. Too fun not to share with our fans and followers!




Minnesota Senior Games Kick Off in Owatonna

The Minnesota Senior Games kick off today in Owatonna. We’re very excited about this event and the positive message it sends about health and wellness. According to the Owatonna People’s Press, the event will bring in 367 athletes from about 25 states!

Today’s events include archery, racquetball, cycling 5k and 40k, and the basketball free throw. Tomorrow, the track and field events begin. Representing Learning ZoneXpress are Melanie and Becky. They will be competing in the 50 and 100 meter dashes. We can’t wait to cheer them and all of the other participants on!

Below is the schedule of the remaining days of this four-day event.

Thursday June 20th – Events:
Table Tennis (Singles & Doubles) Track & Field
Field Events: Pole Vault, High Jump, Long Jump, Running Long Jump & Triple Jump
Outside Events: Discus, Javelin, Softball Throw & Shot Put
Running Events: 5000 Meter Race Walk,100 Meter Dash, 1500 Meter Run, 400 Meter Dash, 50 Meter Dash, 800 Meter Run, 200 Meter Dash
Cycling 10 K / 20 K
Disc Golf

Friday June 21st – Events:

5K Race
Tennis (Singles/Doubles)
Bowling (Singles)
Bowling (Doubles)
Pickleball (Singles)

Saturday June 22nd – Events:

10K Race Pickleball (Doubles)
Pickleball (Mixed Doubles)
Tennis (Singles/Doubles)

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Check ‘em out – we’ve got a great sale going – but only for a few hours. We have a sample of the options below – you can visit our website for the full list of nutrition education posters…

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Movie Monday: Just the Facts: Cake Decorating

Summer can be a great time to explore new topics- just as career exploration. Learning ZoneXpress has a series of videos and DVDs that explores careers options. Today we thought we’d feature: Just the Facts: Cake Decorating

Beautify your cakes with direction from Chef Rick Forpahl, an experienced cake decorator. Learn proper hand techniques and how to use tools and equipment. He demonstrates basic decorating techniques in this clip from “Just the Facts: Cake Decorating” from Learning ZoneXpress.

Happy Birthday MyPlate Posters

Can you believe it’s been two years since First Lady Michelle Obama and the USDA announced MyPlate? To help support Let’s Move and encourage eating well, we’ve designed two new MyPlate posters with an emphasis on physical activity. Happy 2nd Birthday MyPlate!


Kids Active MyPlate Poster

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Active MyPlate Poster

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Movie Preview: 4 Weeks 2 A Higher Food IQ

Reality TV meets the new MyPlate Dietary Guidelines in 4 Weeks 2 A Higher Food IQ, a real-life video example of a teen accepting a new challenge each week. A registered dietitian gives teen, Lexi, advice, feedback and encouragement with four dietary/fitness challenges. Watch Lexi transform as she increases her food IQ and activity level in the clip from “4 Weeks 2 a Higher Food IQ” DVD from Learning ZoneXpress.

Get a Sneak Peek of the video…

The video is 28 minutes long and suits ages sixth grade to adult.

Monday Movie Preview: 54321+10 Countdown to Your Health for Kids

54321+10 Countdown to Your Health for Kids has been a popular video for Learning ZoneXpress. In fact the video has been a cornerstone for a whole curriculum that supports kids through an catchy process of getting healthier. Catch a sneak peek of the video…

The Countdown to Your Health for Kids DVD gives an overview of the six things kids can do each day to stay healthy. Perfect for elementary students, kids will discover the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water, having positive mental health, limiting time spent in front of a screen, getting plenty of physical activity and enough sleep. This DVD focuses on the numbers for health essential for kids, including an overview of age-appropriate sleep recommendations, presented by medical professionals giving the facts behind the numbers and kids who give practical advice on how they live the countdown.

The video runs 18 minutes and suits grade 1-6.

Learning ZoneXpress on Fox 9

We are delighted to share a video of Maureen Lyons of Learning ZoneXpress. Maureen was recently featured on FOX 9 Morning News to talk about the LANA Preschool Program. Using nutrition education and healthy activities, the LANA program gives teachers the tools they need to engage and encourage children to taste, eat and enjoy more fruits and vegetables.