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Keeping FACS Alive: FACS Enjoys Renewed Interest in Canada Thanks for Retired FACS teachers

promoting-facs-guideThis summer Learning ZoneXpress has been asking teachers how they are keeping FACS Alive in their classrooms and schools. We were thrilled with the response and are happy to share the stories. We would love to hear from you! Help us spread the awareness of FCS in the classroom today and share your story with us. Long live “Home Ec”!

Today’s story…

Family Studies (aka Family and Consumer Sciences in the US) is still being taught in many schools in Nova Scotia, Canada. For a couple of years it was not looking too good for us “Home Ec’rs” and a lot of schools cut out Family Studies. But now, I am happy to say, many of them are bringing it back. Thanks to the support and hard work of a “retired” Family Studies teacher and other dedicated professionals, we have a new curriculum, support for our program, a university Family Studies teacher program, and much more.

As a Family Studies teacher I feel joy watching my students develop skills and seeing how happy they are with their finished products. But the real value of Family Studies becomes very evident in comments I’ve heard over the years from former students: “I made curtains for my house”, “You taught me how to sew”, “I still put the decoration I made on our tree”, “I still cook/bake…we made in class for my kids/family”, “I went to culinary school because I loved cooking class”…


Keeping FACS Alive: Bringing iPads and Videos in FACS Classroom in Nebraska

promoting-facs-guideThis summer Learning ZoneXpress has been asking teachers how they are keeping FACS Alive in their classrooms and schools. We were thrilled with the response and are happy to share the stories. We would love to hear from you! Help us spread the awareness of FCS in the classroom today and share your story with us. Long live “Home Ec”!

Today’s story…

Last year was my first time teaching FCS. I’m actually an elementary teacher, but have always wanted to teach FCS. I have lots of life experience which is why I was hired, I think. I worked with 6-8 grades. The 6th graders learned about nutrition, character counts, and bullying prevention. We did a little food preparation, but not much. The 7th graders learned how to hand sew and machine sew. They absolutely loved the experience. Even the boys picked up the skills! They made book bags and one girl even asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. The 8th graders learned the tools of the kitchen and how to use them. They prepared a meal for administrators and food for a hospitality room for a track meet invite. They used their iPads to prepare videos about kitchen safety and picture collages showing different terminology. I am looking forward to the coming year, because I learned sooo much last year, that I will be a much better teacher!

Barbara Kudea

Youth Conservation Employment Programs Funded

From our friends as GrantStation

Youth Conservation Employment Programs Funded
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), in cooperation with its federal partners, has announced an initiative to connect youth to the outdoors by providing  support for conservation employment programs. This initiative, Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists, will provide approximately $1.75 million to support organizations that are developing innovative conservation job opportunities for youth on public lands. These job opportunities, in turn, expose young people, particularly urban, tribal, and minority youth, to the natural world and career opportunities available in conservation. Project work funded through this program is restricted to habitat and species restoration projects that directly benefit the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Reclamation, and/or U.S. Forest Service facilities, lands, programs, or missions. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, educational institutions, and Indian tribes. The application deadline is December 16, 2014. Visit the NFWF website to review the funding guidelines.

Learning ZoneXpress facilitates training of LANA Learning About Nutrition through Activities Program in Wayzata MN

LANA_downloadable_iconOctober 15, 2014 – Owatonna, MN – On Monday, October 6, Maureen Lyons of Learning ZoneXpress facilitated a training program for 23 early childhood educators of the Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners, Caring For Kids Initiative. Caring For Kids works to improve health and wellness through hands-on food activities in 12 early childhood facilities, impacting more than 500 early childhood students in the Wayzata, MN area.

This training course introduced the LANA Learning About Nutrition through Activities Program, a research-based curriculum created by the MN Department of Health designed to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables and incorporate nutrition concepts in math, science, and literacy activities.

Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners received a grant through the Park Nicollet Foundation to launch LANA and help educate young children about nutrition and healthy choices. Learning ZoneXpress was proud to partner with both organizations and donate training services to facilitate successful implementation of this early childhood program. “These teachers are enthusiastic about sharing creative, easy, and innovative healthy foods and lessons for their students and families,” said Lyons.

About Learning ZoneXpress

Learning ZoneXpress, based in Owatonna, MN, is a leading source of award-winning nutrition education tools. The company mission is to help improve health through relevant, creative and affordable resources about healthy behaviors and nutrition. Learning ZoneXpress offers a wide variety of educational products including posters, handouts, videos, and lesson plans. For more information about Learning ZoneXpress or the LANA program call 888.455.7003.

About Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners

Since 1979, Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners has been making an impact in 8 west suburban Hennepin communities. IOCP provides both emergency and long-term solutions around food and clothing, housing, employment, child care, transportation, and access to resources and healthy community connections. Learning and service opportunities engage individuals, businesses, schools, faith communities, civic groups, health systems, and foundations. Together, IOCP and its partners create opportunities for all to thrive.

About Park Nicollet Foundation

At Park Nicollet Foundation, we are partnering to build healthy lives. We use philanthropy to enhance the patient and family experience, promote innovation and research, and respond to the health care needs of our community. We distributed nearly $2.6 million in 2013 to support these goals.

New Healthy Holidays Cards from LZX

Learning ZoneXpress is excited to announce our new Healthy Holidays Cards. Available for a limited time only, these fun cards can be purchased in sets of 6 cards for just $9.95. Quantity discounts are also available.

From all of us here at Learning ZoneXpress, have a happy and healthy holiday season! 

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