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Dine In with FACS on December 3

We wanted to pass on the following invitation from AAFCS…

Dear Minnesota Professionals,! !

As announced at the AAFCS Affiliate Leadership Workshop this month, AAFCS is launching the first annual Family & Consumer Sciences Day!!

The theme is “Dining In” for Healthy Families, and the goal of the campaign is to encourage 200,000 families to make and eat a healthy meal together.  December 3rd was chosen as Family & Consumer Sciences Day to honor family and consumer sciences pioneer and AAFCS founder Ellen Swallow Richards (December 3rd is her birthday).  Many activities are planned for that day, including conducting live interviews with family meal-related experts.

To reach our goal of 200,000 families, we need the engagement of our affiliates!  We know that some of you have already “taken flight” with ideas and are implementing actions.  Wonderful!!  We’ve developed a Family & Consumer Sciences website with tools to participate in the campaign, including specific ideas for affiliates and related organizations.

Family & Consumer Sciences Day is also an opportunity to showcase the important work of your affiliate and members—think about ways your affiliate can increase the visibility of our field!

If you’re ready to commit to “Dining In” on December 3rd, please complete the form now!  The interactive map (updated daily) will be a visual clue as to the activity level geographically.
 We look forward to working with you on this campaign and reaching our “Dining In” goal of 200,000!  If you have any questions about the campaign, please email Gwynn Mason, AAFCS communications director, at

Thanks in advance for your promotion of Family & Consumer Sciences Day and “Dining In”!

Warm regards,


Stock Up with Great Savings: Winter Sale on Nutrition Educational Supplies

Need to stock up on posters, handouts, incentives, DVDs and more before the end of the year?  We have a great selection of sale items to choose from with FANTASTIC discounts up to 40% off!  Now’s the time to stock up and save!

LZX holiday sale


LZX introduces RelationShapers: Tri-Folds to promote healthy relationships

Everybody deserves to be in a healthy relationship. Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether or not your relationship is healthy or unhealthy. Learning ZoneXpress has created a series of tri-fold brochures called RelationShapers™. 


These informative and easy to read brochures promote healthy relationships and raise awareness of sexual violence and domestic violence and offer helpful information on how to prevent it.  Our educational products give individuals the tools to recognize and build healthy relationships and avoid unhealthy and abusive situations.

Four Important Signs of a Healthy Relationship Tri-Fold Brochures

Four Important Signs of a Healthy Relationship Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210227

Conflicts Without Violence Tri-Fold Brochures

Conflicts Without Violence Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210224

Anger and Parenting Tri-Fold Brochures

Anger and Parenting Tri-Fold Brochures
Item #210223

Rethinking the Happy Meal? Learning ZoneXpress has healthy happy meal incentives!

Sweet Potato Foodscapes NotepadsThe Washington Post asks us to rethink Happy Meals

Since the 1970′s, when the Happy Meal was developed by a Midwestern advertising executive, McDonald’s has made incentivizing food choices something of an art form. The little box of fast-food calories with a little toy surprise has proven to be so appealing to children that in 2010 San Francisco passed a law prohibiting toys from being sold with meals that fail to meet certain nutritional standards.

Now, researchers are looking at ways of using a similar model to get kids to choose fruits and vegetables with their school lunches.

At Learning ZoneXpress, we’ve been reframing happy meal incentives for years. Here are  a few samples…

Moose Foodscapes Temporary TattoosMoose Foodscapes Temporary Tattoos
Promote nutrition with fun food character tattoos. Ideal for contest prizes and incentives.
Directions for tattoo application and removal on reverse side.
Set of 100. Size: 1.5″ x 1.5″.
This product contains small parts. Not intended for children under age 3.
The Moose Tattoos are a great incentive or prize.
Price: $18.95 

Super Deluxe Healthy Choices Prize Box
Super Deluxe Healthy Choices Prize BoxReward healthy behavior without sweets with fun and colorful incentives from the Super Deluxe Healthy Choices Prize Box. More than 1,500 incentives and giveaways included in this prize box – all in an easy-to-store carrying case!
The Super Deluxe Healthy Choices Prize Box includes:
100 Fruit & Veggie Farm Bookmarks (910084)
100 Healthy Snacks Bookmarks (910086)
100 Active Kids MyPlate Bookmark (910092)
100 Fruit & Vegetables Beyond Bookmarks (9160)
300 Foodscapes Temporary Tattoos (9558)
200 Foodscapes Stickers (906100)
200 Foodscapes II Stickers (9062)
200 Foodscapes Universal Stickers (9064)
200 Healthy Eating Stickers (916501)
8 Plush Garden Heroes Characters (Pear, Cantaloupe, Eggplant and Spinach)
Price: $129.95 

Sweet Potato Foodscapes Notepads
Write nutritious notes featuring creative food characters with these note pads. Great for incentives, giveaways and gifts.
20 packs of note pads, 50 sheets per pad
Dimensions: 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″
The Sweet Potato Notepads are a great incentive or prize.
Price: $19.95 


Women from Peñalolen Graduate from Nutrition and Social Determinants of Health Workshop

We are always happy to share news from our friends at EPES…

Women from Peñalolen Graduate from Nutrition and Social Determinants of Health Workshop

EPES 1Santiago, Chile, October 23, 2014 (EPES). – Luz Osorio, 45, is cooking a spinach and walnut frittata. Her daughter Scarlett Jara, 22, hands her the ingredients. They are a motivated team. This is the last recipe they will prepare in the nutrition and the social determinates of health workshop that EPES is giving in their neighborhood of Peñalolen.

Diet and health do not depend on individual choices alone. They are affected by access to food, financial resources, education, health care, as well as age, gender, social class, neighborhood and other factors that the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies as the social determinants of health.

“Because of my work schedule, I had not been able to participate in a community activity for years. This workshop has allowed me to meet and share with women who are my neighbors” shared Luz.

Scarlet, says “This recipe has eggs, milk, spinach, onions and walnuts. I would have never thought of it”. She also highlights that she is learning to cook with fewer ingredients – the same ones she usually purchases -but now in healthier ways. She also adds “I have not tried this recipe yet, but I know it will be delicious”

EPES 2Daniela Lizama, 15, is studying to be a preschool teacher and wants to encourage her future students to eat healthy. “In low income neighborhoods, people eat too much junk food. Rather than spending time cooking at home, people buy completos (a Chilean hotdog which is sold in food carts and restaurants all over the city). Kids are the most affected, they eat unhealthy foods and suffer from obesity from a very young age”.

Myrian Barria, 59, shares “Because I have diabetes I have to eat without salt and sugar. Now I know how to prepare foods and portion control. I feel like it will improve my quality of life and my families too”.

Carmen Naveas, 62, points out “I became more aware of the importance of eating healthy. With only a few ingredients we can make food that is delicious and nutritious. For example, how to prepare zucchini and spinach in new ways, or how to mix differently the same produce that we buy at the food market at a low price”.

Nancy Solar, 40-year old woman says “I was confused and had little information. Now I have been able to change my eating habits and I have more energy. At first I thought I was just going to be told to lose weight by eating healthier, but it has been a much deeper learning process and awareness. I value being able to share with other women and being able to apply what we have learned”

All the participants agreed that the workshop was more than just learning new recipes and nutritional facts.

Celia Higueras, Health Educator at EPES, carefully observes as the women cook and apply the knowledge they have learned. These hands on workshops have been in four Santiago neighborhoods and in the city of Conception where EPES also has a center.

Celia distributes the graduation certificates and then everyone sits down to eat the meals they have cooked together in class. Participants hope that there will be another workshop soon and more women join.

Youth Conservation Employment Programs Funded

From our friends as GrantStation

Youth Conservation Employment Programs Funded
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), in cooperation with its federal partners, has announced an initiative to connect youth to the outdoors by providing  support for conservation employment programs. This initiative, Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists, will provide approximately $1.75 million to support organizations that are developing innovative conservation job opportunities for youth on public lands. These job opportunities, in turn, expose young people, particularly urban, tribal, and minority youth, to the natural world and career opportunities available in conservation. Project work funded through this program is restricted to habitat and species restoration projects that directly benefit the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Reclamation, and/or U.S. Forest Service facilities, lands, programs, or missions. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, educational institutions, and Indian tribes. The application deadline is December 16, 2014. Visit the NFWF website to review the funding guidelines.

Learning ZoneXpress facilitates training of LANA Learning About Nutrition through Activities Program in Wayzata MN

LANA_downloadable_iconOctober 15, 2014 – Owatonna, MN – On Monday, October 6, Maureen Lyons of Learning ZoneXpress facilitated a training program for 23 early childhood educators of the Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners, Caring For Kids Initiative. Caring For Kids works to improve health and wellness through hands-on food activities in 12 early childhood facilities, impacting more than 500 early childhood students in the Wayzata, MN area.

This training course introduced the LANA Learning About Nutrition through Activities Program, a research-based curriculum created by the MN Department of Health designed to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables and incorporate nutrition concepts in math, science, and literacy activities.

Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners received a grant through the Park Nicollet Foundation to launch LANA and help educate young children about nutrition and healthy choices. Learning ZoneXpress was proud to partner with both organizations and donate training services to facilitate successful implementation of this early childhood program. “These teachers are enthusiastic about sharing creative, easy, and innovative healthy foods and lessons for their students and families,” said Lyons.

About Learning ZoneXpress

Learning ZoneXpress, based in Owatonna, MN, is a leading source of award-winning nutrition education tools. The company mission is to help improve health through relevant, creative and affordable resources about healthy behaviors and nutrition. Learning ZoneXpress offers a wide variety of educational products including posters, handouts, videos, and lesson plans. For more information about Learning ZoneXpress or the LANA program call 888.455.7003.

About Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners

Since 1979, Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners has been making an impact in 8 west suburban Hennepin communities. IOCP provides both emergency and long-term solutions around food and clothing, housing, employment, child care, transportation, and access to resources and healthy community connections. Learning and service opportunities engage individuals, businesses, schools, faith communities, civic groups, health systems, and foundations. Together, IOCP and its partners create opportunities for all to thrive.

About Park Nicollet Foundation

At Park Nicollet Foundation, we are partnering to build healthy lives. We use philanthropy to enhance the patient and family experience, promote innovation and research, and respond to the health care needs of our community. We distributed nearly $2.6 million in 2013 to support these goals.

New Healthy Holidays Cards from LZX

Learning ZoneXpress is excited to announce our new Healthy Holidays Cards. Available for a limited time only, these fun cards can be purchased in sets of 6 cards for just $9.95. Quantity discounts are also available.

From all of us here at Learning ZoneXpress, have a happy and healthy holiday season! 

healthy holiday cards


Product highlight: Fathering: What It Means To Be a Dad DVD

Fathering What It Means To Be a Dad DVD

What It Means to Be a Dad DVD

Being a father is a lifetime commitment that requires a lot of love, time, and energy. An interview with fathering expert Steve Onell is paired with interviews of young fathers to explain the impact and importance of a father in a child’s life. Divided into four chapters, Fathering: What It Means To Be a Dad offers sound advice to new dads.


Dads Matter…explains the importance of fathers in children’s lives and introduces three areas of research and expert advice, discussed in the proceeding chapters.


  • Be There: Show Up and Be Involved tells fathers to stay involved in all ages and stages of a child’s life.
  • Be Consistent: Provide Structure and Discipline explains why fathers are needed to be a part of a child’s routine as a way to teach and guide.
  • Be A Role Model: Demonstrate Healthy Behavior discusses how a father acts influences the personality of the child.

Teaching materials included. Appropriate for Grades 9 – Adult. Closed Captioned. 20 minutes


ISBN# DVD 1-57175-843-7

© 2009 Learning ZoneXpress

Item # 3509-DVD

ISBN: 1-57175-843-7

Price: $79.95

Catch a sneak peek:

EPES Concepcion leads workshops on nutrition, health, human rights and gender

We are very passionate about our support for EPES, so we wanted to send the update from some of their recent training. We have done our best to translate from the original Spanish.

EPES Conception teaches workshops on health and nutrition and social service approaches to human rights

foto-1Concepción, Chile, October 28, 2014 (EPES) .- Since June, EPES Conception Foundation has been doing workshops on nutrition and health for women involved in community organizations, including educators and primary care workers health in Hualpén communes, Talcahuano, Penco and Tomé.

The goal of EPES training is for participants to gain new insights into the economic, political, social and cultural aspects of health and nutrition both on the individual and community perspective. The workshops are taught by Virginia Norambuena, educator Foundation EPES Conception.

Upon completing the workshops, the trainees are expected to deploy awareness campaigns targeted at their local community and strive to have an impact on public policies especially as they related to nutrition and community emphasizing human rights and gender.

Women participants belong to community organizations, including neighborhood councils, committees Vida Chile, Cultural Centers, Health Groups, Groups Adult / Senior ace, Health Clinics, Women’s Groups, Community and Ecological Association, Local Development Councils, Health Committees, among others.

Included in the group of educators are participants working in different educational communities, so their contribution to community awareness, developing classroom and families work in health promotion and prevention from a holistic view is important.

The third and final workshop will be held in early November, it is aimed at workers already established in the primary health care field. Virginia Norambuena said that the workshops correspond to current consequences of unhealthy food, social aspects of diet, nutrition transition and the classes propose practical tools for healthy eating that supports the health of communities.