Girl Scout Report on Financial Literacy and Girls

Girl Scout Research Institute recently conducted a survey of 1,000 girls ages 8–17 to better understand girls’ level of financial literacy and their confidence, attitudes, and experiences with regard to money.

Here are 5 Key Findings

  1. Girls are optimistic about their future.
  2. Adults, especially mothers, play an important role in girls’ financial education.
  3. Only half of girls feel confident making financial decisions,
  4. Girls know they need and want financial literacy skills to help them achieve their dreams. 
  5. Financial knowledge grows as girls get older.

50 App Activities for Financial Literacy and Independent LivingIt great to learn about the optimism but clearly there’s an opportunity here too – an opportunity to teach financial literacy and boost girls’ confidence.

Learning ZoneXpress has some curriculum materials that can help bring financial literacy to the Girls Scout troop. One of our most popular tools is our recent handbook – 50 App Activities for Financial Literacy and Independent Living. It will cultivate an interest in money management and the skills needed for living on your own using app-driven lesson plans, teaching resources, and educational games.  A big help when you need an on-site activity or want to give girls (or boys) more information to check out later.


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